Fed Up Community Cafe


Slide Set up in 2018 with the aid of local funding organisations and local business donations, we are able to offer free food, drinks and support services to those who need it. Tackling Poverty, Social Isolation and Loneliness More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some questions that we are frequently asked.  If you can find the answer to your question, please drop us a message through our contact page or on Facebook.

All our meals are given free of charge, whether that is a breakfast or lunch.  Although we don’t charge for any of the services we offer, we are more than happy to accept donations to help keep our service free.

Anyone can use our service free of charge.  Everyone who enters the building is treated the same.  We do have the policy of protection to all our service users and families, so we do not allow anyone on the premises if they are under (or suspected to be under) the influence of intoxication substances.  In these cases, a takeaway will be offered as an alternative.

We are not allowed to give specific advice that we are not qualified in, so we have partnered up with many local organisations who offer professional advice.  When we talk to any of our services users who may have a concern, we can point them in the right direction to get the help.  We call this signposting.  All conversations are private and confidential as we want to create a welcoming, trusting environment for everyone

We no longer offer a delivery service due to not having the delivery infrastructure in place.  During the Covid 19 lockdowns, we partnered with the Community Reuse Shop, who provided volunteers and vehicles to do this.

It is something we are aware that certain people would find helpful and we will keep on revisiting this requirement to see if or when we will be able to start this service again.

We do not offer regular food parcels.  If you need a food parcel, we recommend that you contact Apex on 01776 700973 who will be able to help you.

If you are a referring agency and need a food parcel in an emergency, please contact us to see where we can help

Yes we do takeaways.  Sometimes using our sit in service can be daunting to people who suffer from anxiety or would just prefer not to use the sit in service.

We try to encourage everyone to use the sit in service as this is where we can help you best.

As with all restaurants and cafés, we keep a record of all allergens in all of our meals. If you have any particular allergy, please see any team member who will inform you of the allergens in the meal that day.  We cannot tell you that the food is safe for you to eat, we are only allowed to inform you of the allergens to allow you to make an informed choice.

Where possible, we will offer an alternative meal without the allergen in it