Fed Up Community Cafe


Slide Set up in 2018 with the aid of local funding organisations and local business donations, we are able to offer free food, drinks and support services to those who need it. Tackling Poverty, Social Isolation and Loneliness More Information
The Wigtownshire Public Health Improvement Teams

Their services include:

1. A 12 week programme (2 hours per week) for people of all ages and abilities who are living with chronic, long term conditions. The Programme includes:

An introduction to services that can give you tips and explain how and when they can help
An exercise programme which is designed to improve your balance and strength and help prevent falls
A cuppa and a chat

2. Support and encouragement to individuals to help them keep on track with their health goals, such as:

Physical Activity
Mental Health

3. A free confidential and personal health and wellbeing plan to anyone 16 years and over to help them:

Feel better about themselves
Be more active
Set realistic goals
Eat healthier
Develop new skills
Connect with their community
Build new relationships

4. Arrange access to anyone aged 65+ or with a long term condition to Digital Services to help manage their long term health conditions, such as:

Using a medical reminder service via text messages
Using digital health monitoring devices linked to 24 hour support
Having a video appointment with a health professional to save travelling

5. Support for individuals to develop their digital skills in:

a group setting or
on a 1 to 1 basis

6. By working with a variety of individuals, groups, communities and organisations they can:

Help communities identify needs
Support the development of projects aimed at improving the health & wellbeing of people in Wigtownshire
Help individuals improve their health and wellbeing and reduce isolation, especially those with low mood, depression and anxiety, by accessing local opportunities such as:
groups like: Support Groups for Health Conditions, Youth Groups, Social Groups
organisations for Disability, Mental Health, Alcohol and Drugs
activities like: Boccia & New Age Curling, IT Support, Arts and Crafts, Physical Activity, Dancing, Tai Chi, Gardening, Walking, African Drumming
opportunities for volunteering within the NHS or other partner organisations

01671 404267 / 01776 707731