Fed Up Community Cafe


Slide Set up in 2018 with the aid of local funding organisations and local business donations, we are able to offer free food, drinks and support services to those who need it. Tackling Poverty, Social Isolation and Loneliness More Information
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Power Cut or Emergency? Call 105

Call us urgently if you see:

Any damaged equipment, lines or substations
Cables in roads or on footpaths

If you see cables on or near the ground, please keep clear of them

Guidelines during a flood
During a Flood

If water is about to enter your property, turn off your electricity supply via your isolator switch or fuse unit but only if safe to do so
Fuse units and trip switches are usually near to your meter, while electricity meters may be inside your property or within a meter cabinet outside your property
If you are at all unsure, please contact your insurer or a qualified electrician
Do not touch any electrical appliances, cables or equipment whilst you are standing in flood water


After a Flood

If water has entered your property and your electricity supply is off (or partly off), check your fuses and trip switches but only if safe to do so
If your electricity meter has been under water, please keep away from the equipment and contact us on the emergency number above