Fed Up Community Cafe


Slide Set up in 2018 with the aid of local funding organisations and local business donations, we are able to offer free food, drinks and support services to those who need it. Tackling Poverty, Social Isolation and Loneliness More Information

Why are we doing this?

We are doing this because there is a need for it. With so much going on in the world, sometimes we forget about the problems that are right here on our doorstep. With nearly a quarter of people in Stranraer and the Rhins classed as in poverty, something needs to be done locally.

We are doing this to give people the chance to get themselves out of this situation. This is done by offering a place for anyone to come along, somewhere where people can get the needed advice, support or training to get them back on track.

People don’t want to be living constantly on handouts; they want the chance to fend for themselves. This can be done if they are given the chance or assistance to do this.

We have started this process by opening a café supported by local businesses and funding organisations to be able to offer all our services for free. This allows anyone who needs it, to come along, have something to eat and drink, chat to us as to what they need or want to do.

Although we offer our service for free, we do accept donations

Depending on the needs of the individual, this could be just a friendly ear, or we could direct them to a professional service that they didn’t know about, or even enroll them on the skills transfer programme that we offer through volunteering at the cafe. Our cafe will be able to train people wanting to get into hospitality or cheffing which will give them a bigger and better chance of getting a job in this sector

All this will, in turn, reduce poverty and at the same time get people back into work, by giving the necessary support and training needed.

While all this is happening we hope that everyone will make new friends and know that help is out there for those who need it.

Comments For Our Café

Housing Partner

We are proud to support the great team of staff and volunteers at the Fed Up café as they continue to provide a much needed service within the local community. We look forward to continuing our weekly Employability and Housing advice sessions and also look at further ways to work together.

Loreburn Housing Association

Making Friends

The Fed Up Cafe is a place for making friends, let your worries melt away, while great, lovely meals and support by volunteers

A. Service User

Very Helpful Staff

The staff are very helpful and kind.  They are doing very satisfying job.  It is good for the community, long may it go on

A. Service User

Helped Me With Self Confidence

I suffer from anxiety, but since I’ve become a volunteer, I’ve built my confidence and self esteem. I have made new friends for life. I have also became a better person, thanks to the wonderful staff and customers.

A. Volunteer