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Home Teams is a new Health and Social Care model of working which is being used in Dumfries and Galloway to help people live happier and healthier lives in their own home. Home Teams pulls together resources and staffing within the community under one team to ensure:

Less referrals
People tell their story once
Reduced waiting/response times
Different ways of working
A holistic approach is taken, looking at the whole person


Home Teams can provide a community based assessment and work with you, your family and Carers to determine any immediate and longer term needs for example:

If you become unwell or not coping at home, can be looked after at home rather than going into hospital, Home Teams will try to support you for a short period of time until you are well again or your needs have been met
If you are in hospital, Home Teams may be able to bring you home earlier and provide wrap around support until you recover, or if required, your longer term needs are met
If you need some equipment or adaptations to support you to stay at home
If you need support to regain your independence or with your mobility
If you have a palliative diagnosis or are at the end of your life and wish to remain at home, Home Teams will make every effort to accommodate your wishes
If there are technology or digital solutions that would help you to stay well at home


There are 2 Home Teams in Wigtownshire:

Rhins Home Team, based in Stranraer
Machars Home Team, based in Newton Stewart


Each Home Team consists of:

Community Nurses
Public Health Improvement Staff
Specialist Reablement Staff
Occupational Therapists
Social Workers
Care Coordinators
Patient Flow Staff
Administration Staff


Anyone can make a referral to Home Teams including:

Members of the public
Community groups
Other Health and Social Care services
Voluntary organisations

030 33 33 3001