What are we doing?

We are simply trying help reduce social isolation and poverty, while at the same time offering support and training to help people get back on track in getting a job or getting the help and support they need. Although this alone will not fix all the problems out there, it will go along way to help.


Of the 11,000 (approx) people living in Stranraer and the Rhins, poverty is a problem that effects 24% of people, with 18% of that 11,000 being children and this is increasing each year.

This could be for so many reasons, such as limited jobs, medical conditions, disabilities, education, the list continues.

To help combat this, we are offering a place people can go who are not judged, who are treat as an equal when they come though the doors. This can then help people combat social isolation or get the confidence to get out there and get a job and to know that they are not alone.

We want to reduce food waste, by taking donations from local food lead businesses who would normally throw this food away.

We want to help train people in hospitality including cheffing and front of house. We want to give people life skill training to help gain control of their own home whether it is understanding home safety, or being able to cook a nutritious meal on a limited budget.

We want people to come and ask for advice on anything. We would then give that advice or point them in the right direction to get the help and support they need


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